How will Fire and Emergency Medical Services change under the RFA?

Since voters approved creation of the RFA and the proposed operating and funding plan, fire and emergency medical services are now provided under the direction and management of the RFA.  Personnel that previously served Renton and FD 25 continue to serve the RFA.

The operating plan calls for the following service level improvements:

  • Staffing of a new fire station to be constructed by the City in 2017 in the north end of Renton to address response times across the RFA service area.  Click here to view Fire Station 15 updates.
  • Increase number of firefighters to respond to fire and medical emergencies.
  • Increase staffing for a medical aid car so the vehicle is in service more hours of the day.
  • Restore fire inspector positions that were previously eliminated.
  • Increase staffing for public education programs.

Service Improvements